Be a part of the solution!

Take the first step to becoming a CASA advocate:


Advocate For Best Interest!


Get first hand information to make educated decisions.
These three areas are KEY in advocating!
1. Medical Advocacy: view Health Passport, talk to doctors or other healthcare professionals
2. Legal Advocacy: stay in contact with Attorney Ad Litem and let them know your recommendations
3. Educational Advocacy: Teachers, School Counselors,


If Child is placed:
Within 1 hour—once a month
1-3 hours—once every 3 months
3+ hours—once every 6 months


• Provide accurate court reports that contain findings and specific recommendations for the child at least 10 days before court.
• Maintain complete and accurate records about the case. This includes monthly notes, detailed activity logs, and any records received from outside sources about the case.
• Communicate in person at least once a month to CASA Supervisor.
• Volunteers are required to have at least 3 case related hours a month in order to be considered an active volunteer on the case.
Regular contact with placement, CPS caseworker, and attend all case related meetings.